Recruitment is a lengthy process. From listing jobs and interviewing candidates to negotiating salaries and welcoming candidates aboard, you need to make a consistent effort to ensure that the new employees receive a delightful onboarding experience. There’s no doubt that HR software can reduce the workload in this matter. During the lockdown, the HR department remained at the core of things, ensuring organizational processes remain unhindered. With the help of an HRMS, managers can manage onboarding, payroll, full and final settlement, and employees’ grievances. Now that the lockdown restrictions have eased a bit, HR would be looking to recruit new talents that add value to their company. How do you make the recruitment process easier? An HR software system with recruitment and applicant tracking features can help you make progress. Also, it facilitates the candidates, as they are in the loop since the beginning of the recruitment process. If they don’t make it to the final round, you can share a courteous message and move on with the recruitment process without delay. If you, as HR, vouch for feature-loaded HRMS to help you with the recruitment process, we are on the same page. Let us share how you can use your HR software to recruit better.

Spread the Word

When the management decides to open vacancies, take no time to spread the word. Candidates should know that you’re actively hiring. And if you’re recruiting for leadership roles, the sooner, the better! It’s a boon if your HRMS functions get integrated with several job sites. This way, you can automate job postings, and candidates can get to know about it through Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Indeed. You can also post vacancies on your website. Your career page should be all about attracting as many candidates as possible. You can think about website integration so that when any candidate fills up the details, you get notified.

Simplification is The Key

The role of any HR payroll software is to make the process easier. If it’s not doing the job, it’s time to switch to an effective HR software system. The recruitment process could be tiring if you plan to do everything manually. Simplify the search, and you can get a sigh of relief. The recruitment cycle consists of reading resumes, calling candidates, setting up meetings, sharing shortlisted candidates’ profiles to hiring managers, and sending rejection messages. All these tasks can consume time, and you may lose out on a good candidate. With reliable online payroll and HR software, you don’t need to worry. It can help you automate such tasks. Utilize this time to find the right candidate.

Continue the Loop

As an HRMS helps you stay updated concerning a candidate’s activity, it’s equally important to keep candidates in the loop. They should know if they are nearing the next round or they didn’t pass through. An effective HR system with applicant tracking capabilities can help you stay connected with the candidates throughout the process. You will be able to send them emails and update them on the next course of action. It reflects your efforts to expedite the recruitment process and shows that you respect their time. It sends a positive message about your brand.

Save the Details

What’s best about Applicant Tracking and Recruitment Software (ATS) is that you can enter and store the details during the interview process. You can use this information if and when a candidate clears all the rounds. It can help you expedite the transition of a candidate to an employee. Once you are through with the transitioning process, make the necessary arrangements to welcome the new employee. Using HR payroll software can help you to a great extent here.

Get Ready with Your Next Recruitment Cycle

Recruitment is an ongoing process. If one hiring cycle finishes, the next one will start shortly. So, if you think you have done a great job using HRMS to your advantage, it’s time to continue with that thought and create your next recruitment plan. This time, you won’t have to start from scratch. Your experience with the existing HR software will help you become efficient.

Retain the Talent

Once you master the art of recruiting talent, your next job is to retain them. Nowadays, HRMS comes loaded with features, including resource libraries and chat modules. The idea behind introducing these features is to engage your employees so that they don’t feel out of place. When your employees feel valued, they go a distance to achieve organizational goals. Your HR software will be a parallel system that vitally assists you in the process.

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