Most organizations are going digital and benefiting from its varied offerings. Choosing a cloud-based infrastructure for your HRMS comes with many benefits attached. From data storage and easy collaboration to data security, you sign up for an all-inclusive package.

Every organization wants to adapt to new technologies that can help its employees become productive. What modern organizations look for is an innovative and quick solution to make their processes agile and efficient. So, when it’s about moving your HR and payroll software to a cloud-based settling, you shouldn’t think twice! Not only does it save you time, but you stay ahead of your competitors.

Automation is the path forward for organizations that aim at offering disruptive and innovative solutions. They want their HR software to be process-efficient that helps in reducing cost. A smart HR software system can bring efficiency into the frame and drive profits.

It’s understood that human resources management remains at the core of an organization: be it about payroll management, employee onboarding, tax calculations, TDS filing, or attendance records. The HR team looks for an HRMS that makes their day easy and productive. Although you may find the best payroll software, how do you ensure that it adds value to your business? Is it saving you time for other tasks? Is it helping you relax? Well, the answer to that is moving your HR tasks to the cloud.

Payroll management is a task in itself. You can’t afford to make mistakes as these are real-time calculations based on which you prepare salaries. So, it’s better to avoid mediocrity and aim at building a strong foundation. Here, turning towards cloud-based payroll helps you avoid discrepancies, and you can manage a large amount of data adequately.

Talking about complex HR tasks, you need an HRIS boasting an easy user interface and boasts features that let you finish the tasks in a jiffy. Well, it’s understood that your organization is likely to go through changes as and when it grows. From increased workforce to critical payroll calculations, you need to put effort into making things right.

Let’s learn about the benefits of moving your HR and payroll solutions to the cloud. We will also be looking at how to take care of payroll and employee management.


What comes in handy with cloud-based HR software is that you can manage your tasks on the go. It boats cross-browser compatibility and is mobile responsive, which means that you can do a lot on your small devices as well. Besides, it offers an employee self-service feature, and your workforce can manage their details independently. It’s about making your employees self-reliant and let them edit their personal and official details, leave requests, receiving payslips, etc. The idea behind it is to lessen the HR workload and its dependency on employees.

Time and Attendance Management

When it comes to employee management, the first thing you want is to create accurate records of their attendance and time spent in the office premises every day. How do you ensure that you collect data that is accurate and secured safely? You do it by relying on cloud-based HR solutions. You can retrieve the data for salary calculations and performance reviews.

Cost Reduction

Every organization aims at reducing costs; it’s beneficial in the long run. When you move your payroll to the cloud, the tasks get automated. It means that you save on time and effort that you would invest in consulting professional services to look after payroll calculations, tax computations, etc. The crux is to know the formulas as a cloud-based payroll solution gives you the liberty to manage your tasks through formula-based calculation.

Consider a case where you have to manage different tasks, such as managing onboarding, attendance, and performance appraisals. Feeding data into the system time and again would make you tired. You may delegate this task to your team member. But would it achieve the desired result? That’s why the cloud is all you need to trust. It’s simple yet effective!

Easy Collaboration

If you have offices in multiple locations, you can count on cloud-based solutions to make your day easy. A cloud-based payroll boasts multi-location support. It means that you can access your data, manage it, and even collaborate. It’s good to use it for payroll processing when your employees work in multiple locations. To put it simply, it’s like having a payroll system to work anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you don’t need to be sitting at your desk to manage approvals.

No Storage Issues

In the case of server breakdown or loss of data due to natural calamity, it’s hard to retrieve all of it. However, if it’s on the cloud, you can manage it even after years. That’s what cloud storage is known for – its ability and capacity to store data. Besides, you will have no space crunch.

In another scenario, if there’s a data breach and your data is compromised, it’s likely possible that the cloud will safeguard it against such threats and keep your information safe and secure. Companies pay a hefty amount to third parties to protect their data. Why take that route when the cloud is the solution for you?


Your cloud support vendor can help you customize solutions based on your need. It’s another good thing about the cloud offering. You can meet your specific business needs by requesting to customize cloud-based payroll software. In today’s business scenario, it’s crucial to understand the flexibility attached to HR software.

Reporting & Analytics

A cloud-based HRMS offers you the liberty to receive real-time insights. It also helps you generate accurate reports that help in the decision-making process. One can make informed decisions after looking at these reports. It’s most effective in times of payroll calculations and performance management.

For example, performance appraisals are due in your organization next month. You can retrieve data from the cloud and use it for fair performance reviews. The report generated could be concerning attendance, quarterly performance marks, or information about their recent achievements. All this data can help you do a fair analysis, and you can justify the same based on these reports.


The digital era has brought about significant changes in the processes. Be it about managing employee records or calculating TDS accurately: it’s the way forward. Take note that an organization has to pick the pace with the changing times if it wishes to succeed in the long run.

As change is always constant, you should also make consistent efforts to improve your organizational processes and drive profitable results. It’s about considering the needs of your employees too. They make an organization scale height.

If you’re looking for feasible and innovative cloud-based HR solutions, connect with the Timelabs team today!


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