As an employer it is crucial to make sure that you track the attendance and timing of your employees on a regular basis. Controlling time management of your organization is an effective way of improving the efficiency and productivity. Therefore, one of the best things that you can do is to implement an employee attendance management system in your organization. It will not only keep track of the entry and exit timing of the employees but also schedule the shifting and complete the reporting tasks as a whole.

An Overview Of The System: Managing the time and attendance remains a critical function and a matter of concern for the HR of every organization. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the advent of the attendance management system that helps you to get 100% satisfaction and peace of mind. You will now be able to record the time and attendance of your employees without any additional hassle.

Capturing And Recording the Time and Attendance: The system is designed in such a way so that it can be easily integrated with your existing time and attendance recording device. This is very similar to the Biometric or Access card devices. It will even give you the option of manually uploading the attendance data. Otherwise, the attendance will be uploaded automatically based on the policy and leave system of your company.

Integration of biometrics- If you are using a biometric machine or any other attendance tracking machine, the new Employee Attendance Management System will automatically import and process the attendance data in large numbers of formats. You will even get the opportunity to review and resolve any types of discrepancies arising from punch errors.

Manual uploading of attendance- The remarkable feature of manually uploading of attendance in the system will enable you to upload the attendance of all the employees present in your organization in one go. It will be of great help if majority of your employees are on field work.

Rules of Attendance: The system is designed in a way to integrate, configure and customize the module of attendance rules, as per the HR policies of your company.

You can expect to get loads of flexibilities by means of which you can –

  • Define the optional holidays and look for multi location holiday list
  • Plan and shift manpower
  • You can set minimum working hours for at least half of the day. You can even implement late coming, early go and extra working rules and policies.

Controlling Time & Attendance: The employee attendance management system comes with an automatic controller by means of which you can manage the attendance of the employee in a short time and find out their entry and exit timings. You can even find out the total numbers of times they have worked. You will be happy to know that it will capture every aspect of the entry and exit of your employee and update it in the system.


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