Employees Time Clocks Help Disable Rounding Off Work Hours


The necessity of installing employees’ time clock arises with the unfair practice of late coming, proxy attendance as well as time theft. Some employees deliberately do so in order defraud the employers, while few employees do not even realize that by doing so they are engaging themselves in a form of theft. A very common such practice generally observed is rounding off work hours. Employers thus need to take corrective action in order to keep a check that can be easily done by installing employees’ time clocks.

Employee Time Clock

Logically, employees avoid or are unwilling to even think of stealing a very small amount of cash or even office supplies from workplace; but it is noticed that if an employer manually tracks time with the honor system using pen and paper, the same employees might not even give it second thought before rounding off the work hours if in case they arrive late or leave early. Such mal-practices are directly proportional to the revenue losses in any business or organization. With the installation of time and attendance software, this problem will stop immediately and no longer will the business have to suffer from above mentioned form of direct losses.

Ways in which workforce management solutions aids business:
The time and attendance systems give a guaranteed and successful solution for the same needs. Along with biometric details, these innovative time recording and monitoring software system identifies and marks presence by their facial patterns or through punching of fingerprints. One can punch using these unique physical features on their entry and exit to workplace. No two individuals have similar physiological traits, therefore the chances of manipulation to attendance data are zeroed, and one can no longer falsify the timings anymore.

Electronic Time Clock

One can easily mark the increase in revenue and savings with the accurate tracking and recording of employees work hours which will be impossible to round off. By installing the same employers can also benefit from increased productivity of employees. Falsifying even 15 minutes daily can have substantial impact on the business in long term. With the installation of employees’ time clocks, one can eradicate the losses in revenue and also the employees’ will start receiving the pay actually worked for. Apart from elimination of rounding off the work hours, these devices prove beneficial in putting a full-stop to time theft, reducing the possibility of human error and by decreasing the dependence on human capital for managing and processing payroll.

Small and medium sized business owners usually operate by tracking and managing payroll manually, web based time clock system will definitely help owners to achieve the target and control unnecessary loses by cutting down the operating costs and also by permanently stopping the rounding off practices of employee work hours. It’s high time to get rid of the traditional method and introduce time and attendance devices to the system as they will serve the purpose best and will never allow the organization to look back.

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