Employee Attendance Management: Biometrics comes to Rescue


As per the latest reports on HR compliance and grievances, 66 percent of the conflicts between the employee and management arise due to attendance and log in crisis. The traditional paper registers and slips are likely to bow out in shame very soon. Most large-sized and mid-scale manufacturing and IT companies are already using Employee attendance Management system and self service portals to manage the workforce.
Even small businesses are now picking up the technology to push their productivity upwards. Here is a brief overview on the benefits of using the Biometric face recognition systems and finger attendance software with the Employee self service portals.

–    Immediate Assessment of Employee participation

Attendance is a direct parameter that signifies the participation of an employee within the office premises. The biometric face recognition systems with timers and scanners report an immediate record of how much time an employee spends at his workstation. Comparison with the daily performance is then compared with the attendance record and work study. The results are shared with the Reporting Manager, HR Management and the employee through the unique platform of organization’s Employee Self Service Portal. The assessment time is reduced to 48 hours against the time span of 30 days that earlier paper-based attendance systems offered.\

–    Zero Proxy, Zero Corruption

Organizations are wary of proxy issues as in schools and colleges. Using the fingerprint attendance system in tandem with the biometric face recognition system removes the issue of duplication and redundant data completely. It saves cost of documentation and rechecking. The crisis of manual interference is completely eliminated by using automated attendance management system.

–    Warnings and Alerts

Using a centralized attendance registration system removes the issues related to absenteeism and untimed entries. The Biometric face recognition system pushes automated alerts and warnings if an employee tries to break-into a zone that is restricted or is absent from the workstation longer than what is permissible. Longer breaks could mean:
–    Uneasiness at the workstation due to nausea, chest pain or frequent loo breaks
–    Distraction at work
–    Low self-esteem
All these issues can be tackled if the HR takes a pro-active look into the real cause behind prolonged absenteeism and breaks. Orientation and career direction may be extended to the employees based on the records.

–    Emergency Fire and Flood alarms

Most biometric face recognition systems have grown beyond the regular attendance markers. Today, they are laced with fire alarm systems and centralized flood warning systems. They monitor not just the regular employees, contractor and labour staffs but also strangers and ambience in which they are operating. Monitoring for 24 hours is a safer and more reliable way to ensure an error-free working condition.

–    Low Power Consumption

Despite being one of the most sophisticated applications in the market today as far as security and employment performance are concerned, the power consumption is negligible. In addition to the low power usage, it removes the need for manual security checks and receptions.

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