5 Reasons Hotels Should Adopt Biometric Time & Attendance Systems


Security at hotels is an important focus. Biometric time & attendance systems are the only solutions that provide complete security for the hotel staff, patrons and hotel property. When your staff and patrons feel safe in your establishment, they’re more likely to stay there. In fact, being able to provide a safe place to work and board is a given for all hotels.

Here are five reasons why hotels should adopt biometric time & attendance systems:

1) Protection of Assets

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why any security measure is put into place is to prevent theft and vandalism. With biometric control, the entry and exit of people are restricted to individuals registered within the system. No unauthorized persons can enter, cause harm or steal.

Biometric Attendance Systems

2) Restricts Unauthorized Access

A hotel is a multi-faceted establishment. There will be several areas where some people can or cannot enter, i.e. the staff room, security office, kitchen area, etc. With a security guard as safety, it can be hard to track who enters and exits from restricted areas. With an automated access system, you can prevent individuals from specific areas, especially if they are not allowed there.

3) Manage Access to Floors

Elevators are an important part of hotels. There are certain floors in a hotel which are not permissible for entry by all. An access system with elevator entry control enables hotel management to restrict and manage entire floors from individuals who aren’t supposed to be there. This ensures the safety of both staff and patrons.

4) Centralized Control

A majority of hotels have chains around the globe. Managing an influx of patrons across each and every branch can be cumbersome. Advanced access control system like biometrics enables hoteliers to monitor each branch from a central location. Real-time data are regularly sent to each branch. This is an intellectual solution for hoteliers who are managing multiple locations.

5) Integration with Attendance Systems

Biometric access control systems provide seamless integration into your current attendance system. With a web-based portal, hoteliers can easily monitor shifts, attendances, absences, leaves, etc. in real time. They can easily maintain productivity levels through such automated systems.

There’s no doubt a biometric time & attendance system has many benefits for a hotel chain. It creates a secure and safe work environment for employees, a safe haven for guests and the protection of both physical and intellectual property. Access control systems promote a psychological feeling of comfort and well-being. They are definitely a long term solution for a hotel’s future.

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