3 Questions To Consider When Selecting A Time Attendance System


Whether you’re operating a service or business, if it entails several employees with hours and payroll, you’re going to need a suitable time attendance system.

There are many types of time and attendance software systems available in the market. Web based attendance systems in particular are very popular because of their flexibility and affordability. Another compelling reason to consider for switching to an attendance system is that it promotes accurate recording of employee attendance.

To ensure you select the most appropriate time attendance system for your business, consider these questions:

1. How many employees work in your company? Where are your employees stationed?

For large companies, an automated time and attendance system offers multiple advantages. For example, if you have a team working from a particular location, you can have this software installed onsite. If you’ve got some employees working remotely or are in the field, this software will seamlessly link and support all locations via GPS enabled mobile systems. Any required support will also be provided through this platform.


2. What type of system will support the needs of your business or company?

There are several types of time and attendance systems currently in the market. Some of these utilize employee biometrics to record entry and exit times. For instance, this can be recorded through retina scans, facial recognition scans and even fingerprint scans.

Apart from having the right software and equipment to record the data, you also require live customer assistance to help you in case a problem arises.

3. What are your company’s compliance and reporting needs?

If your industry requires strict adherence to certain compliance and reporting standards and regulations, look for a time and attendance software that will cater to your requirements. This will provide support down the road when you plan to expand.

These questions can help you make an accurate assessment of your company’s practices and processes which will guide you towards a sound purchase decision.

Time Labs’ time attendance system is customizable software that can easily adapt to your business’s requirements. You can seamlessly integrate it into payroll and other existing software.

For more information, do get in touch with Timelabs!

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