Is your organization still bogged down with manual tracking of employee time and attendance? Rising labour costs are a big concern for small businesses. As regulations concerning meal breaks, overtime and pay rules continue to change, spreadsheets simply cannot keep up.

With attendance tracking software India, you can make employee time tracking much more seamless. Here’s how:

1. Submission of Employee Hours to the Payroll Department

Every two weeks or once in a month, companies must handle payroll submission deadlines. This can be less stressful if you have an attendance tracking software system. This program is capable of tabulating employee hours and transmitting these to the payroll department at the click of a button. Calculators and spreadsheets would no longer be required.

Attendance-Tracking-Software-India 2. Reliable System

Time Labs attendance tracking software can automate the entire process of punching in to pay check. This software will update respective employees with data and alerts regarding overtime, absences and even the latest labour legislations.

3. Continuous Support

With an automated attendance software, you’ve always got tech support at your disposal in case things get complicated. Tech support can be accessed online, in person onsite visits and via the phone. This will depend on your customer care package.   4. Synchronization Features

When you implement attendance software into your organization, take time to fill in all pertinent employee details such as contact information, start dates, addresses, etc. If you have a fairly large roster of employees, this attendance program has a synchronization interface which can seamlessly extract data from HR, ERP and payroll applications.

5. Training Course

Time Labs’ attendance tracking software India provides after-sales training to help your company save time and become more efficient. We provide both online and onsite training assistance so that you can get the most benefit out of your attendance solution.

6. Automatic Compliance

One of the main advantages of using an automated software program is that it routinely updates the program with changes related to labor and workplace regulations. This helps ensure your company is compliant with legislative changes at all times.

7. Save Time

Managing a large roster of employees with a simple spreadsheet will definitely drive your HR personnel up to the wall! It becomes such a cumbersome task that most of the time will be spent on tracking attendance. Save time and effort with attendance software.

Want to learn more about attendance tracking software India? Contact Time Labs.


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