Wireless Time Clocks by TimeLabs – Get Effective Control on Employees Time and Attendance


Every organization looks forward to provide best compensation, benefits and other facilities to their employees. Modern day businesses whether small or medium sized strive hard in order to compete with changing business environment. Managing workforce is one of the biggest challenges in any organization and keeping track of time and attendance with the help of traditional method is not at all full proof and accurate. The wireless time clock of TimeLabs overcomes such difficulties. The array of features effectively keeps control of labor costs by keeping a close check over employee’s time and attendance.

The need for change

Implementing web based HR solutions and managing time and attendance of employees can help business grow beyond imagination. Organizations can achieve higher productivity and efficiency levels which seemed difficult with manual time tracking. Employees are also benefited as they can now apply for vacation time off, sick leaves at their own will. This will help employees to keep a balance between work and personal life. It has also been noted that these time and attendance software help in achieving organizational goals in a much better way. Installing this software will ensure that the organization is staffed appropriately and there is a compliance with internal policies as well.

Benefits of this new approach

Employees can request time off according to their choice. With the use of a time clock, employers can control unscheduled absenteeism. Employees too feel empowered as they can make their own decision as when to take off according to their needs. Employers can look out for alternative well before the time as any sort of confusion is likely to arise. Employers need not pay for unnecessary overtime and most important of all is buddy punching practice will be eliminated completely.

Why TimeLabs?

It provides an all-encompassing solution and offers a powerful tool which enables fingerprint as well as facial recognition. It will not only benefit organizations by keeping track of hours worked but will also control and will considerably reduce the payroll costs. With TimeLabs wireless time clock at aid, employers no longer need to worry about time theft practices as the tracking software will capture and analyze the productivity data of an employee. The meticulous reports generated by the software will help in taking well informed decisions. Organizations keep introducing new policies with changing time, this time and attendance software helps in assessing what specific change has lead to improved efficiency and lower labor costs.

The web based time clock by TimeLabs aids in project forecast and also in assigning specific tasks to employees, thus streamlining the management methods. The real-time alert generated by this software helps in reassigning tasks to available staff in case of any absenteeism. It also saves one from unnecessary hassles due to inaccuracies of manual time and attendance punching. The biometric wireless time clock system of advanced level has sophisticated scanners; they have the ability to validate employee identity through facial scan and fingerprints, thus enabling entrepreneurs to save valuable revenue through this process.

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