Gone are the days when a company’s HR department had a laborious task of keeping track of the employees’ attendance records over those cumbersome spreadsheets leading to many miscalculations or facing the issues of employees duping the company as they were very well aware as to how to get away without being caught. With changing time and technology, the biggest advantage earned is to find ways and means that can save on time so that this boring and time consuming task can be made foolproof.

This must also diminish the scope of human error in calculating the number of leaves taken by an employee. There are software to simplify the office administrative work which also reduce the load and give a new look to the HR’s office taking away those cumbersome files and registers which used to occupy the space and mind of an official.

Fingerprint Time Attendance

Authentication by a biometric system is becoming extremely popular because of its incredible user-friendly system or software. It is most commonly used in corporate offices, industrial and public sector where HR department has found a very convenient and simple solution for them. The system doesn’t have any passwords which can be misused and exploited.

This system has a reader or a scanning device which authenticate the identity of the scanned biometric data which is then compared with the already stored database of the individual. Fingerprint device is the most popular way of identification as fingerprints are unique for each person. They do not change over a lifetime thus fingerprint recognition is a stable method and cannot be modified or misused by anyone.

Fingerprint attendance system

Fingerprint Scanning essentially provides an identification of a person based on the acquisition and recognition of those unique patterns and ridges in a fingerprint. Finger Attendance System comprises of a simple plug in machine or a device which has a reader that reads the finger impressions of the employees and match them to the previously stored records.

This system has many advantages, the first, making the employees punctual and secondly, not allowing them to commit any sort of fraud as it is completely foolproof. Third and the most important one is giving HR department of the company freedom from the cumbersome job of calculating the attendance and being afraid of encountering errors in calculations. Instead, the department will get spare time to look into other things which can work for the betterment of the company.

Fingerprint time attendance system

We at Timelabs fully understand the need to install Fingerprint Attendance System which will enhance the status of your working place by providing an organized and hassle-free environment. We have Biometric Finger Print Reader, the installation of which makes any HR department breathe easy as the burden of attendance management is lifted off their shoulders.

We also proudly present the world’s Smallest Ethernet connection-based fingerprints terminals used for access control and time attendance features. We are the pioneers in our field and no Indian office, company, school, college or any other institution has taken care of their security concerns if they have not installed these machines which not only secure your present but also future giving you opportunity to be relaxed and more efficient.


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