Why Fingerprint Attendance Software has become an integral part of Companies & Educational Institution?


The concept of attendance exists in different places like schools, colleges, hospitals and other organizations in order to track the presence of the employees throughout the day. Even few years back, attendance was recorded manually in attendance registers. The process was not only time consuming, but also tiresome. Apart from that, several fraudulent issues were also reported with the manual processes. These methods have serious drawbacks, and accurate tracking of the attendance was a hassle.

An Automatic Solution: 
As technology has advanced tremendously, a solution is available to track the attendance automatically. One of the best examples of this is fingerprint attendance software. In this system, the need to use paper or any form of manual effort is completely eliminated. A finger print based biometric system is used to record the full attendance automatically. The software comprises of a fingerprint sensor for detecting the personal identification. This system can largely help in overcoming the challenges of proxy or fraud cases because no one else can give attendance on behalf of any other person who is absent.

In educational institutions, the students have to place their fingers on the sensors in order to obtain attendance. The fingerprints captured for each student are recorded in a flash memory, Each time the fingerprint is obtained, it matches with the records stored in the flash memory following which the students get their attendance.

Complying With Principles Of Data Protection:
Apart from schools, several organizations in the recent times have adopted the attendance system using fingerprints. The main aim is of course to record the attendance of the staffs in an efficient and accurate way. In this context, it is important to understand the system records only the necessary data required for attendance. Once the fingerprints are recorded, they are usually converted into numerical codes for encryption and recording. The company should also not be able to transfer the record of fingerprint from the system. This in turn can ensure complete protection of data and implies that the company using the fingerprint attendance software is complying with the required principles of data protection.

No Collection Of Personal Data:
Even few years back, some systems used for tracking attendance collected personal data of the staffs and employees. This often resulted in breach and fraudulent activities in different ways. However, the current system is designed in such a way so that there is no need to collect any form of personal data. Only recording the fingerprint of individual employees is sufficient to monitor and track the attendance in the worksite. This has not only benefited the company in keeping accurate records, but also the staffs to get assurance about privacy. Even if, personal data is collected, they should be collected by fair and lawful means.

Improving Efficiency And Productivity:
With the major improvements in the fingerprint attendance software, it has become possible for companies and employers to select the best system for their companies and improve the efficiency and productivity in organizations. It has even resulted in enhanced safety in workplaces.

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