Top 10 Advantages of HR Attendance Software That You Cannot Ignore


HR professionals around the world know the struggles of managing and tracking employee attendance on a daily basis. Traditionally, companies relied on file-based attendance management. This way of recording in and out times of employees was not only cumbersome, but there was always a risk of data loss involved.

With the onset of technology models like cloud, the cloud-based software market is on the rise. We see various software solutions for handling key business operations. HR software solutions are also seeing an uprise. HR software can be used for multiple reasons – payroll management, time and attendance, reporting, etc.  HR software used for time and attendance management is a great tool for workplace management.

What is an HR attendance management software?

Attendance management is concerned with the process of managing employee attendance at work. A positive attendance management strategy will try to reduce employee absenteeism while putting emphasis on incentives and recognitions.

With respect to the multi-cultural, multi-dynamic, multi-regional, work from home, travel, and other increasing workplace trends, having an HR attendance software becomes a necessity.

Let’s discuss the top 10 advantages of having HR attendance software.

1. Accuracy and fast processing

It allows you to get fast and comprehensive timesheets quickly and with complete accuracy. With accurate results, you can minimize the costly and inevitable errors that might occur during manual data entry. This will further help you in providing accurate performance and improve productivity.

2. Easy integrations

HR attendance software can be integrated with multiple biometric devices as well as RFID readers. Many software providers facilitate these integrations that are available in the market today. You can further import and export data from these systems into your local excel files for quicker access.

3. Dynamic

You can also define multiple times, shifts, weeks and overtime rules in your HR attendance software. You can apply these rules to individual employees in the organization or a particular group. Weekly offs and holidays can also be managed easily.

4. Secure and scalable

It allows you to set strong passwords for your account. You can define different roles and user access and control for each employee. The software also keeps a record of all user sessions, so in case of any misuse or discrepancy, you can easily identify the source of error.

5. Easily customizable

Some HR attendance software providers even allow you to customize the software features and policies according to your own requirements. This means you can define your own rules, add or remove users, assign rights, manage passwords, etc. Customization lets you create your ideal solution.

6. Centralize management

Most of the HR software solutions have a central management framework. This means you can access data for multiple locations and remote workers from a single place. All remote data is collected and stored centrally so that it can be accessed without putting in much effort. It facilitates a hassle-free workplace management.

7. Compatibility

Compatibility facilitates you to link these systems with GPRS enabled biometric devices. This helps you to track your employees’ location easily. It is a definite need today with many organizations following liberal work policies for their employees for greater work satisfaction.

8. Deep Insights

Within a few clicks, you can generate various reports related to the employees – total hours worked, unplanned and planned leaves, overtime, leaves, etc. The ability to download customized reports increases the visibility and insights within an organization.

9. Real-time tracking

You can get real-time tracking and automated payroll processing. All information can be presented in the real-time facilitating various payment schedules. Real-time view into data can help you make informed decisions and formulate strategic policies.

10.  Compliance management

HR attendance software solutions are fully compliant with various government rules related to the pension fund, medical insurance, ESIC, etc. This helps you generate reports that are government compliant. Compliance also requires that any extra hours worked are recorded and paid accordingly.

There’s no doubt that human resources will continue being an integral part of the organizations. Hence, core HR features consolidated into a single platform has now become a necessity. Timelabs provides a robust time and attendance management software with amazing features that will help you to monitor and improve the operational efficiency of your organization. Get in touch to know more.

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