In the past, a person’s job satisfaction was measured and maintained only through monetary value, but this has changed. It’s a new era of the millennial working force. They have very different ideas and expectations regarding job satisfaction. Various new inventions can prove to be significantly helpful in increasing job satisfaction among employees, such as advanced software for biometrics attendance.

Job satisfaction includes multiple facets, such as a healthy and inclusive working environment. It motivates employees to render their best to the company. If the employees remain motivated, then it leads to better productivity and growth of the organization. This article will help you to increase employee satisfaction by following some simple tips.

Biometric-Attendance Flexible schedule

Millennials generally don’t prefer to work according to a fixed schedule. Studies have shown that they perform better when they are allowed to work according to their game plan. There are multiple methods of flexibly dividing a work schedule that would work for the employees as well as the organization.

However, this does not mean that there should be zero vigilance. A proper record should be made, and there should be no leniency in operations. But, it will be tough for only one person to keep a check on every employee; one handy way is keeping reliable biometrics systems in place.


Providing small perks as a reward for a job well done can be extremely helpful in motivating employees. Rewards can be in numerous forms, be it monetary or maybe some healthcare benefits. These rewards are not supposed to be something unique; a gentle pat on the shoulder can also boost employees’ morale.

You should keep in mind that nobody should feel left out and avoid favoritism. Everyone should receive fair rewards based on their performance and capabilities. People should not be readily allowed to misuse their rewards. A proper code should be followed while giving a reward to an employee.


Employees feel a sense of belonging and responsibility when they are given some form of independence or decision making power. This ensures not only the growth of the employees but also the growth of the organization. When they are given authority, they give importance to their own work as well as help others.

A check should be maintained to ensure that the employee is not misusing his or her powers or authority. If this prevails for a more extended period, then his or her authority should be taken away.

Working environment

Try to keep a healthy work environment. Company policies should not be rigorous that it is devoid of having fun in their work. The work environment should be culturally inclusive. There should be no discrimination in the office, depending on caste, color, religion, and so on.

Policies should be made in a way that people can have social interactions; it is vital for maintaining a positive working environment. If people are not allowed to interact, then that would create boredom. This would also develop a very unhealthy relationship among co-workers.

Immediate Feedback

Another effective method is by providing instant, as well as constructive feedback to the employees. When people receive positive feedback they develop a feeling of being on the right path. Excellent and positive feedback can help build a healthy relationship between the employee and the manager.

People should not feel that you are constantly criticizing them in any matter. Try to give suggestions instead of telling you that they have done something wrong. No one likes to promptly hear that they are wrong. This way they will not respect your opinions or even consider them while working.

As employee attendance management is a crucial aspect of an organization, it is advised to invest in a reliable software solution. However, be proactive about selecting a reputable company i.e. Timelabs when you’re in the market for an attendance software. They have all the features you need and are extremely effective in giving the desired result.


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