With the development of technology in each and every sector. There is a huge change in the method of recording the time and attendance of employees, the older method of tracking everything manually is no more practiced and the new method of punching cards and biometric time clock are in trend. These systems are directly linked with computers/server and thus it keeps proper record of entry and exit details of the employees. These finish the scope of manual errors and provide satisfaction to both the employees and the company. Also computing the exact number of work days and work hours of the employees is easy and thus it saves a lot of burden as well as expenses on the HR team.

It is very important to install a proper time clock system because if the system is not proper there will be very much difficulty in calculating the wages of the employees. Manual manipulation of data is not at all possible as information is recorded once the card is punched or online clicked. This tool is very helpful especially for the HR department as everything is already on records so it is very easy to calculate the wages.

The software not only helps in keeping track of the attendance but also helps in job and payroll tracking, Employee’s personal information also remain managed with it and calculating the productive time the employee has spent in the office is easier when it is time for employee appraisal. The best part of this system is that it provides all the options to the employees online like the ITR details, leave request etc. Since less time is spent on tracking all these details, more focus is there on productivity which increases the overall performance of the organization. Thus where the software for time and attendance keeps things in order, it also speeds up the productivity.

There are many companies which provide these services. All one needs is do is to visit the search engine and huge options will be available in the market. However a quick comparison between then will reveal that the time and attendance software by TimeLabs is one of the best in the industry as it has the maximum number of positive reviews by users. The company offers products that one can choose as per convenience and budget. So in all it is very good and important to get time and attendance software installed in your organization as it costs less and the benefits it provides are very huge.


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