The Pros and Aspects of Using the Biometric Devices for Leave Record


It is very much true indeed that the technological advancement is a sword with dual sharp edges. The newly devised technological fruits have their set of pros and cons. When the electronic system for the accessing of attendance control came into being, people wondered about the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of their intervention. The places where these electronic attendance keeping devices are implanted mostly include companies, educational institutions, the government institutions and other such professional places.

biometric attandance

The places which use these devices maintain the unique properties of the employees or the students which are recorded with the process of scanning. The employees are either expected to swipe their identity cards or scan their unique physical attributes like the fingerprints, facial features, and voice of the person and the iris of the eyes. Here lies the beauty of the scientific evolution. If the employee or the students try to avoid the scanning process, he or she will not be able to enter as well as leave the premises. Often people have faced the negative aspects of proxy attendance. To kill this malpractice of the professional environment, the utility of the biometric devices come in handy.

The Advantages of the Biometric Systems

biometric devices

  • The biometric systems are manufactured with the ability of the recognition. They identify the unique attributes of the recorded people. During punch in and punch out, the devices will be able to count the number of times an individual has walked in or out.
  • The basic working of these systems can never be replicated. The devices are foolproof. Hence they provide ample security for the organization it is implanted in.
  • The most effective feature of it is that the practice of proxy attendance can be avoided or uprooted.
  • Once the devices are implanted, the employees or the students do not need to carry their ID cards every day along with them.
  • Since the biometric devices are directly linked to the main server, there is no need for the authorities to maintain a separate record of the leaves taken by the employees.
  • Once these devices are implemented into the office the employees can never practice any kind of Proxy attendance.

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