Buddy punching has emerged as one of the major sources of worries for various enterprises because this cause drains on vital resources of an organization. Though, with a help of modern technologies, it has become easier to keep a track on the time and presence of employees but still few employees are so smart that they might try to trick even the most advanced time and attendance software as well. However, by using few effective solutions, it becomes possible for an organization to avoid buddy punching. Let’s see what those solutions are:

In order to keep a close eye on the workforce, a manager can be assigned to a responsibility to monitor the employees’ clock in and clock out time. Before resorting to this solution, it is advisable to take into consideration the downside of it, as a manager will be burdened with a monitoring task that demands not just additional time on his part but also demands extra investment. If you are a business owner and are keen on investing in time clocks then investing in online time clocks will really be a prudent decision, since by investing in password protected time clocks, it becomes easier to make out if an employee is sharing his password with his colleague, in order to mark presence. If you are interested in implementing more effective strategy for avoiding buddy punching, consider putting into action IP internet restrictions that too at different locations.

Making Swipe cards obligatory, is another extremely useful solution. However, this solution is also not free from the negative aspect because employees can exchange their cards, in case of being late for the office but still buddy punching can be avoided by resorting to this solution, up to a great extent.

One of the best and most effective solutions for keeping buddy punching at bay is, to install a software related to time and attendance. The market is currently buzzing with so many time and attendance software, which are competent in meeting with the customized requirements of an enterprise, in terms of checking time and attendance related frauds. Since these software do operate on the constant of intuitive technology, there remains no chances of errors. Fingerprint punching leaves no scope for any kind of buddy punching because an employee needs to punch by using his own fingerprint that cannot be faked at all. No other colleague can have similar fingerprint thus, it nullifies the chances of time theft.

Besides facilitating an organization in avoiding buddy punching, an advanced automated time and attendance system also contributes in the calculation of payroll. This kind of automated system keeps accurate track of the number of hours worked and thereby assists the payroll manager in the task of payroll management. It is apparent that by investing in superior-quality automated software, an organization can truly ensure employee productivity. Though, initially an organization requires investing for it but the benefits offered by this system make this investment quite worthy. Employees are encouraged to show punctuality and by that, it becomes possible for an organization to develop an ethical work culture.


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