HR Payroll Software is one of the best software that HR uses. It is a software that involves payment of regular salary, incentives, overtime, bonus, leaves encashment, etc. that are needed to be paid to the employees. The compensation that is included in the benefits of the payroll is compensation in the broader sense for the employees’ performance. It is a software that aims to streamline and automate the process of paying.

1. Core Features of Payroll:

The core features of the payroll software are it easily calculates your laborious task for every month. Besides this, it also takes care of complexities regarding calculations, deductions, other daunting activities, and statuary regulations. The software is designed in such a way that it suits all the requirements that a company needs to calculate its productivity and profits. Moreover, the technology used in the software is modern web technology with an easily customizable feature at an affordable price. Besides this, it has a bunch of components with fast accessibility and secure environment with a powerful backup system structure.

HR Payroll Software 2. Key Benefits:

The key benefits of the payroll system are that it has an auto-generation feature of pay slip in pdf format which is automatically mailed in the same manner on employees’ mailbox. Moreover, there are statutory and bank reporting facility available in various forms for PF, TDS deduction, Bank Transfer Statement, etc., can be generated easily. The easy to manage and update the database feature of payroll software helps you to store and manage information about the leaves are taken and cross-platform viability that employee self-service has a connection with HR and Managers. You can even import or export files to excel from the payroll app in order to check the user salary slip, a loan taken, or any other data that is fed in. The best part of the Payroll System is that it can be used by every employee working in the company and can sign in or connect to their account from anywhere.

3. More about Payroll:

The software is a web-based access platform wherein you can access from any web browser without installing any other software to access the payroll facility. The market for online software services has grown immensely. So, copping up with modern technology is a need of time. Hence, Timelabs have come up with HR Payroll System software with up-to-date technology and techniques used which are compatible with every industry, business, etc. It can add up to 500 employees at a time giving access to all of them together from a single or multiple web browser. The software is available for all types of organizations depending on the size of the company.

Thus, to know more about the software you are just a single click away. Visit Timelabs which has ample information about the working of the app and the services that the software provides. The website is easy to understand with every feature explained in detail.


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