The fingerprint time attendance system is increasing in popularity with companies around the globe. Organizations are quickly replacing outdated time and attendance tracking systems with intelligent biometric systems. This technologically advanced method is instrumental in helping businesses curbing money lost due to payroll discrepancies. Apart from saving money, biometric fingerprint attendance systems are proving to be beneficial to employees in other ways as well.

Here’s how:

Expedites the Clocking Process

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In traditional attendance tracking systems, employees are expected to show up to work five to ten minutes prior to their shift, simply to punch in without incurring a late penalty. This is irksome not to mention unfair to the employee. With a biometric system, tracking attendance and time is a breeze. Employees are not required to punch in or log in and out into anything. With the touch of a screen, the scanner scans the employee’s fingerprint and automatically logs them in. This process results in shorter line ups and timely arrivals at the office.

Arrests Time Theft

Fingerprint Time Attendance

Biometric time attendance systems encourage honest conduct on behalf of employees. It inhibits dishonest logging/punching in schemes such as time stealing and buddy punching. The latter is the most frequently used method to steal time. In this technique, an employee will borrow another’s ID or badge and use it to clock in or out in order to receive payment for hours worked. With a fingerprint scanner, this type of theft is impossible because every employee has a unique fingerprint. Without scanning this print, employees cannot log in or log out. It’s virtually impossible to steal time!

Reduces Payment Discrepancies

With a biometric time/attendance system, time discrepancies are eliminated, enabling the employer to adjust settings. For instance, if you have some employees working on statutory holidays, you can alter the pay rate to 1.5 more than the base rate. The employee will have to clock in and out using their fingerprint scan. This ensures employees who have worked overtime will receive their payments accordingly and fairly.

Include Mobile Applications

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Biometric attendance systems are suitable for offices as well as employees on-the-go! This time tracking system is adaptable to mobile applications as well enabling employees who are travelling for work purposes to punch in using their mobiles or tablets. The employee simply has to download the app onto their phone so that they can log in from their remote location.

A Fingerprint Time Attendance system offers numerous advantages to both companies and employees. With its safe, accurate and secure features, a biometric system can reduce payroll discrepancies, encourage employee honesty and quicken clocking in/out procedures.

To learn more about fingerprint biometric systems, contact Timelabs.


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