Biometric technology is used to measure and analyses personal traits, which can be physiological and or behavioural. Some traits that are measured include hand measurements, fingerprints, irises and voice patterns. Collectively, these are referred to as biometrics. Since these are highly unique and specific to an individual, they are used to verify a person’s distinctiveness. In addition, a person’s traits cannot be stolen, forgotten, hacked or shared.

Biometric attendance systems offer two major improvements:

1) Employees are not required to memorize passwords or codes.
2) Personal characteristics data cannot be lost or stolen.

These improvements carry major benefits for HR managers, making their duties far easier. Some of these benefits are:


Biometric attendance technology enables employers to have first-hand information about what their employees are doing and when they are engaging in company-related tasks. Biometrics provides a transparent view of employee attendance and minimizes cases of fraud-related attendance.


Biometric attendance


Managing attendance manually is quite cumbersome and time consuming. When a biometric attendance system is in place, employees are required to scan in each time they enter or exit the office premises. The system performs automatic calculations of the employee’s total time spent at work. If a team leader needs to access attendance information about a particular employee, he or she can do so fairly quickly and easily. HR personnel are no longer required to manually calculate employees’ time or attendance.

Encourages Punctuality

When a biometric time-tracking system is put in place, employees are more motivated to arrive on time and take timely breaks. They are less likely to report fake attendance. This in turn has a positive influence on productivity.

Improves Employee Maintenance

Often times, companies require their employees to work overtime. With a biometric attendance system, an HR manager simply has to run a report to see whether a particular employee has been on time and staying for the entire duration of their work schedule, to determine if they are deserving and capable of handling overtime hours. Scheduling for overtime becomes a breeze.

Saves Money

HR System

By curbing fake attendance, tardiness and the infamous buddy-punching-in system, companies can save thousands of dollars. In fact, companies can significantly improve their profits when employees report to work on time and complete their work in the duration required.

Simplifies Absence Management

Biometric technology makes it simple for companies to integrate employee time and absence records with the company’s HR software. This enables the HR department to automatically adjust an employee’s hours without any manual input. Valuable company time and funds are saved in this manner.

HR managers are often swamped by countless personnel related tasks. Time and attendance management takes up a huge chunk of their time. A biometric system can help HR managers effectively manage employee attendance and time. This in turn helps companies experience positive return on investments.

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