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TimeLabs offers a wide array of web based software applications related to time tracking. These incredible software apps provide valuable assistance to large & small organizations in managing their time, schedule of employees & office expenses. TimeLabs offers 99.5% up time guarantee & provides efficient data backup along with effective policies related to disaster recovery. The software has acclaimed the top rating in all ratings and reviews for offering impeccable management & time tracking capabilities.

Portfolio of Time management apps at TimeLabs comprises of:
There are various software related to time and attendance and these include applications that manage employee’s time cost, time off & attendance, time off & implement policies, expenses related to various bills, time off & enforces policies related to payroll system as well as the schedules of employees.

TimeLabs software prove to be compatible with your current HR systems and promises effective reporting. It helps you to comply with various labor laws and also helps you in enforcing organization policies related to meal breaks & overtime. This also ensures a proper application of correct payment rates and facilitates in standardizing time tracking over entire organization.

TimeLabs time attendance modules informs management regarding taken & accrued time off. It facilitates effective monitoring over time-off and also gives detailed information to your employee regarding their accrued time. Another application facilitates in managing resources & projects in order to meet deadlines. This software increases cash flow by allowing you to generate correct invoices on proper time. One other software module provides all necessary details related to the project costs to the manager. It facilitates comparison between actual costs & estimated costs so the reason of existing discrepancies may be found out and corrective measures may be implemented. A web based module provides assistance in forming and managing work schedules. It helps in checking the difference between allotted scheduled hours & number of hours truly worked.

Where at one side, use of manual system leads to more errors & delays, on another side, TimeLabs not only lends you sense of comfort regarding time and attendance management but it also enhances decision making so that profitable strategies & tactics can be adopted and implemented. After entrusting the responsibilities on us, you don’t have to take hassles related to servers, data backup, updates related to products & disaster recovery. What’s more? Enjoy 24*7 Live support, expert training, a committed customer success manager & world class modules here at TimeLabs. We take immense pride in winning the trust of 1.5 million users and hope to see you as well in our user list.

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