Bar coding is a time tested technology that is meant to boost the speed and accuracy of the input of different kinds of data involved in various business applications. These are present almost on every item sold by retailers in today’s date so that the sale system becomes easy to manage and keep track of. In a similar way, finger print systems have also evolved in the course of time, and they play a prominent role in managing and tracking the attendance of people. These are automated solutions superseded by better technology in different applications, as per the need of the hour.

1    The Loop Holes In Bar Coded Attendance Systems: Even few years back, most organizations used bar code systems in order to track the attendance of the employees. After all, that was the best technology then. However, technology has further revolutionized today. The bar code systems came out with some major loopholes, whereby one employee could convince another to swipe the employee badge by means of the time clock. The time clock will record the attendance of the employee even before he arrives or even if, he does not arrive, at all. Consequently, the employer will have to pay for the work that he did not do.

2    Eliminating The Hassles: However, with the emergence of the biometric fingerprint software solution, the hassles associated with bar code system could be easily eliminated. The fingerprints of each employee are stored in the database of the software. As these are intricately linked to an employee, it cannot be duplicated by any other person. It can track the check in and checkout time of an employee on the basis of his fingerprints. This in turn makes it easy for employers to keep track of the attendance easily and pay accordingly.

3    Records The Accurate Timing: The fingerprint scanner in the system comes with a time clock. As an employee presses his fingerprint across the device, it records the accurate timing of entry and exit. The clock is directly hooked up with a PC by means of which an employer can easily understand whether the employee is late or at time. This in turn can pave the way for increasing the efficiency and productivity in an organization.

4    Offers Easy Tracking: Once the system is installed, it is easy for everyone to use the system. Initially, many employers through that it are bit of a hassle to install the system because of the technical advancements. However, the best part is that it does not require much knowledge or training in installing and using the system. Even employees will not have any issue, because they will just have to touch their fingers against the system in order to identify their attendance, and this will be recorded in the fingerprint attendance system. These are usually installed at the entrance door or the entry to the lunchroom lounge.

It has been seen that the overall efficiency and productivity has increased greatly with the installation of fingerprint attendance software in different organizations.


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