For any company to function smoothly, it is important that its employees are satisfied and feel that they are receiving their dues. Secondly, it is also stress relieving for the employers if their employees trust them and no conflict arises because of any misunderstanding or miscommunication. One major cause of this misunderstanding could be when the employees or workers feel that they have not got what was owed to them by the company. It could be because of ill-maintained attendance records by the HR department which can lead to confusion and conflict.

Attendance Machine

HR department of any company has many commitments which can lead to neglect of something very basic like keeping a track of employees’ attendance in a right manner. Sometimes the workers also may take advantage of the situation and try to outsmart the department by marking someone as present, though that individual may not be or they may record the incorrect time. It is a stressful task for the company to be on the alert mode all the time to avoid such incidents happenings repeatedly.

Present technology has changed our outlook and working environment. It has brought a simple solution for all the above mentioned problems and building harmony in the workplace between the employers and workers with the help of Time- Attendance Machines. These machines have become popular and trustworthy because of their non-complicated operations and functions which are easily comprehensible by everyone, giving the HR department time and energy to focus on bigger and more important duties.

These time attendance machines are helpful in so many ways as they display an accurate record of the workers’ attendance which in turn makes payroll calculations pretty easy. Not only this, it can define multiple time, shift, week and overtime rules and manage the holiday’s or any leaves taken by the worker.


These time attendance machines are Biometric Devices which not only can keep the employees’ incoming and outgoing records but also monitors their activities thus maintaining the security too. These machines are easy to install at a very reasonable price. They are fast, secure and reliable which can’t be breeched easily. Their web based software allows easy access. However the company has to ensure that these machines are compatible with their system. The attendance software or management system can also process payroll and generate payslip.

Timelabs, a pioneer in providing best possible solutions to the companies in the form of attendance management software which takes care of any problems related to the attendance of the employees. We at Timelabs are committed to develop our software according to the customer’s demand and requirements and provide them services which prove our credibility and build trust with our customers.

Biometric Time Attendance Machine India

Our  products and services are high in quality and for us the most important factor is to give our customers satisfaction and give them full support right from installation of Attendance Management Software to its maintenance. Our flexible attitude in improvising our products according to the new trends in technology, definitely, help us in bringing updated and better products for our customers.


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