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Earlier times have seen the attendance of all the employees being managed on paper or registers. This system had its own flaws in the sense that many a times maintaining these cumbersome records had proved to be difficult for the HR department. Human errors in calculating the attendance, leave, overtime, coming late used to happen.

This in turn, would bring errors in calculating the payroll which could create a nasty and conflicting situation between the employer and the employees, sometimes leading to a legal case. With the advancement in technology, many such issues have been overcome with the solutions that are simple and handy, giving immense relief to those who are managing the attendance records by reducing their administrative and paperwork.

Time and attendance software

The solutions lie in the Attendance Management Software System created by Timelabs which is an automated attendance marking system that records and maintains the attendance of the employees of the organisation. It is the simplest and the most effective way of controlling costs and saving time. This software being web based, can be accessed anywhere anytime. It integrates with different biometric devices.

Biometric Devices have revolutionised the attendance marking system, liberating the HR officials and giving the 100% error free records. Biometric Attendance Machine establishes the identity of an employee by authenticating some unique physiological characteristics like a fingerprint which does not let anyone else acquire the identity of that particular worker, thus making it a fool proof method of marking the attendance. These devices are easy to install. They are low-priced, fast and reliable.

Attendance Management System

This software designed by Timelabs also includes Employee Self Service module which let the employees to update their records, thus saving on time and providing more accuracy to their personal data. They also aids HR managers, giving them time to focus on other important matters.

The software also manages leave records of the employee with Leave Management module which defines the leave rules as per the company policy including types of leaves granted and provisions of adjustment and encashment of leaves.

Attendance Software

Not only this, the software caters for the Attendance Requirements of public and private schools. It includes maintenance of leave, absentee record of the Students. This reduces school’s administrative work along with providing information to the parents of their child’s whereabouts ensuring that the parents are aware.

This software gives our clients full control over their software and as to who can access it. Though it is created by us but personalised to meet our clients’ requirements. For any queries regarding the installation, operation or maintenance of this incredibly time saving software, feel free to call us and keep tab on us to know of any latest updates or offers. We will be honoured to serve you and make your administrative work hassle-free.

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