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Hr System, also known as Human Resources Software or Information System, combines and processes to ensure the easy management of a business’ employees’ data which makes everyday management effortless and convenient. This software helps in various functions such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment processes and also keeping the attendance updated.

Here, human resources are merged with the information technology from different applications into one universal database. Thus, this system provides a means of acquiring, storing and distributing information. Earlier systems focused on a single task but today they cover the full spectrum of task associated with HR department.

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Technology has been evolving to update this software which has gone through many changes to become more user-friendly and less time consuming. The beginning of 2000 brought a new concept in HR development in the form of one universal package as Enterprise Resource Planning plus HR formula. In 2014, HR functionality was transferred on mobile devices and 2015 introduced the software with gamification technology and this entertainment factor was to motivate the employees by awarding them to perform better. There is a lot going on in this field and soon it may reinvent its capacity. The basic task of this system is to reduce manual workload and to save time.

HR Software India

Timelabs offers cloud-hosted HR solutions which can track your employees’ performance, their attendance and payrolls saving your time and efforts. It is a web-based software which can be accessed anywhere at any time. We support more than a thousand employees which make us prompt to respond and quick to act on our clients demands. This software promises to cut down on costs and time wasted in manual processing. We customise the system to meet your requirements and making it compliant with the rules and policies of your company.

Administrative work becomes lighter, without the fear of errors or miscalculation. System categorises the reports by generating general reports, employee reports or timesheet reports, thus making the work more comprehensive and simplistic. We guarantee quality service which would speak volumes about our professionalism. We offer the most impressive eco-friendly way of managing your work, with increased efficiency and decreased paperwork. It gives you more at less cost. There is no reason to carry on with traditional system of managing your HR tasks when you can spend less and achieve more.


To know more about this impressive software, feel free to call us. Our services will make you manage your office administration and employees in such a hassle-free and simple manner that it would bring peace of mind to focus on bigger things which can boost your career further to new heights. You don’t even have to bother about the maintenance as everything remains our responsibility. Give us an opportunity to serve you and feel the difference in your HR department.

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