HR Solutions With New Attendance Tracking Technology

The Attendance Tracking system is a new and upcoming technology that allows an organization to track and manage the attendance of their employees. Attendance tracking systems can include barcode tracking, QR code, NFC, RF, smart credential and mobile technologies. This tracking system is also known as an event tracking system[…]

7 Tips To Manage Employee With Attendance Tracking Software In India

Is your organization still bogged down with manual tracking of employee time and attendance? Rising labour costs are a big concern for small businesses. As regulations concerning meal breaks, overtime and pay rules continue to change, spreadsheets simply cannot keep up. With attendance tracking software India, you can make employee[…]

5 Good Reasons To Use Attendance Tracking Software In India

The modern office is fast-paced and ever-changing. Managers are busy handling projects while employees are engaged with completing required tasks and meeting deadlines. Variables like irregular attendance, tardiness, sick leaves and prolonged absences can seriously hamper the success of any project. Luckily, technology has managed controlling these variables a lot[…]


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