Best Practices To Effectively Connect With Your Remote Workforce

Best Practices To Effectively Connect With Your Remote Workforce

The global pandemic has thoroughly restructured the way corporate teams talk and work. Previously remote work used to be offered by a few businesses as a way to provide better flexibility to their personnel’s way of work. But it has now come to be the norm for most corporations. It[…]

HRIS For Workforce Productivity And Budget Management

HRIS for Workforce Productivity and Budget Management

Lately, information technology has impacted nearly every aspect of the contemporary world, as well as organizational procedures, consisting of HRM processes and practices. From a role related to administrative management, HRIS has effectively emerged out as a strategic associate of agencies, mainly due to the usage of technologies. It has[…]

What Is a 9 Box Grid And Why Is It Useful To HRs

What is a 9 Box Grid and Why is it Useful To HRs?

The field of talent management has recently observed continuous growth. This has led to the rise of a 9-box grid system with 9 specific dimensions. It has been extensively adopted as the best way of evaluating an individual’s overall performance management potential. The 9-Box Grid system for performance evaluation is[…]

People’s Strategy for the Post-COVID World

People’s Strategy for the Post-COVID World

As the world is recovering from the pandemic gradually, organizations have become perceptive in realizing the challenges ahead and know why it’s necessary to provide a safer work environment to their people. Employees’ well-being has always been a priority, but now it’s about creating a workplace that makes an impact.[…]

How Can HR Software Help You with the Recruitment Process

How Can HR Software Help You with the Recruitment Process?

Recruitment is a lengthy process. From listing jobs and interviewing candidates to negotiating salaries and welcoming candidates aboard, you need to make a consistent effort to ensure that the new employees receive a delightful onboarding experience. There’s no doubt that HR software can reduce the workload in this matter. During[…]

Know the Key Benefits of Shifting Your HR and Payroll Solution to Cloud

Most organizations are going digital and benefiting from its varied offerings. Choosing a cloud-based infrastructure for your HRMS comes with many benefits attached. From data storage and easy collaboration to data security, you sign up for an all-inclusive package. Every organization wants to adapt to new technologies that can help[…]


What is an HRIS? An HR Practitioner’s Guide to Managing Employee Data Efficiently

A Human Resources Integration System helps you reduce organizational costs and bring efficiency into business processes. From applicant tracking and onboarding to payroll processing, it has got benefits that HR should know. Every organization aims at managing its human resource effectively and efficiently. In pursuit of that, HR goes at[…]

How to Manage Time & Attendance for Remote Teams?

Most organizations have adapted to the new normal of working from home. It yields benefits for employees as they save on the commuting cost and remain safe inside their homes. However, managers may have to face challenges when monitoring the time and attendance of their respective teams.  As an organization,[…]


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