The Connected Employee Experience Requires HR and IT to Be More Together and Aligned

The Connected Employee Experience Requires HR and IT to Be More Together and Aligned

The corporate world faces many functional challenges every day, so collaboration between various departments is necessary. Out of all, alignment between HR and IT departments is most important for tackling all types of issues.

Experts say employee engagement improves when both departments share a bright spotlight. Let us give a few ways a partnership can ensure a better employee experience!

Exploring Technology

Technology is one of the most important aspects of today’s business world when most employees work remotely. Creating an environment where employees love to work rather than just showing up for money is essential.

The presence of the right technologies allows companies to stay connected without crumbling. It proves how valuable HR software is for maintaining the connection between various departments. It streamlines the entire system and increases transparency to a different level.

For example, communication software like Teams or Slack plays an important role as employees prefer to solve their queries instantly rather than wait for hours. It is harder to stay productive without user-friendly technology nowadays.

Making Communication Open

There is a very critical role played by communication in making the partnership stronger. HR software can assist both departments in working toward the company’s final goal. So, HR and IT teams should conveniently sit down to tackle the tricky employee experience challenges.

The era of COVID-19 has already proven how vital IT solutions can be to get going virtually. According to a recent report, less than 10% of total employees worked remotely before the pandemic. However, the numbers have surged to over 50% in the present corporate situation. It demands open communication between remote employees and HR departments that can only be possible with the right IT solutions.

Due to this, the IT and HR departments have to use a different approach to understand the onboarding issues. They also have to collaborate to boost employee engagement in new employees for better performance.

Smoother Coordination for Better Business Results

The top-level companies fully understand how inadequate coordination between HR and IT departments can affect their businesses. A true collaboration between these two teams can boost employee engagement with the help of digital transformation.

It can give great results while dealing with important business tasks, like optimising resource management, time tracking, and project management for improving operations’ efficiency. A streamlined connection between IT and HR ensures companies can easily tackle the changing trends in a global workforce.

HR software can break the barriers by letting both departments create a hybrid environment that can help make impressive systems and better employee experiences. It only not gives better business results but also helps to deal with new challenges quite quickly.

Investing in Technology

As per a survey by Gartner, nearly 75% of total companies see better employee experience as one of their main motives for IT and HR departments. It proves how important it is to prioritise the collaboration of these two groups for addressing complex business issues.

Organizations continuously add new HR software compatible with their IT counterparts to stay ahead of the competition. It ensures the focus remains on using the mobility of these applications adequately.

Also, priority should be given to the latest technological upgrades whenever needed for dealing with the ongoing trends.

Building a Digital Experience complimenting connection & collaboration

If someone believes digital transformation is all about automating tasks or fulfilling employee queries, they are completely wrong. Its main motive is finding key areas that are affecting the employee journey, whether in a positive or a negative manner.

These areas can range from acclimation to pre-boarding and onboarding for learning and taking feedback through the employee’s career. HR and IT departments must work together to create digital experiences to inspire and improve employee engagement.

It will also give the employees a sense of belonging that can instantly affect their productivity.


Technology and human resource are two of the most important aspects in today’s corporate world for thriving a company towards success. A collaborative partnership between both can help elevate employee engagement and be beneficial for effective performance.

HR can’t deliver a digital-driven experience without coordination with the IT department. So, the overall success of most companies depends on how well these two work together.

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