Biometric System has grown as one of the integral parts of any organization that has to deal with lots of employees and also the security measures. The system uses biometric devices which use one or more biological traits to evaluate and identify a person. Biometric attendance makes sure that attendance of every employee is 100% accurate and can’t be altered by any means. This helps an organization to recognize its employees’ activities and act accordingly to get the optimized results.

Importance of Biometric Attendance System

For any organization to run smoothly and reach the height of success, every staff member needs to be hard working, dedicated and active at the given time. Biometric Attendance System ensures that employees are not cheating on time by keeping the foolproof data of their identity and check-in & check-out time. Moreover, there are various significances of the system such as:

Biometric-Attendance1. No more proxy attendance

With the biometric attendance system, there won’t be any issues regarding proxy attendance or buddy punching. The system uses unique biological features like fingerprints, iris which can’t be duplicated for such proxy attendance.

2. Access and control security system:

In most of the organizations, every employee is not granted access to certain rooms or areas due to privacy policy. In such case, biometric attendance system can be very useful to make sure only the authorized persons can access such areas. This is significant as the system secures the privacy of an organization.

3. Data accuracy:

Since biometric attendance system is directly connected to HR software, it becomes simple and easy to prepare reports by analyzing recent data. Furthermore, it’s not possible to manipulate or alter the stored data which ensures the accuracy of data.

4. Increases productivity:

Biometric attendance eliminates the manual process of keeping time in an organization. This not only reduces staffing overhead but also saves employees time and provides accurate labor data to the department of payroll. The system helps to cut out time theft and increase productivity by managing and optimizing human resources.

5. Low cost:

When chip cards are used while checking-in and out of an organization, it can be costly in the long run. The chip cards when damaged have to be replaced with new ones which can cost a lot if the number of employee is high. The biometric attendance system is one-time investment which saves unnecessary costing.

6. Safe use without any complication:

Biometric devices used in the system are easy and safe to use. That’s why biometric attendance system has become one of the most important modern systems of an organization. There is no need of remembering passwords or pin numbers when logging in or out can be done through fingerprints, iris and other biological traits.

With TimeLabs, Biometric Attendance System has risen to become a boon for organizations. Their impeccable systems help companies manage their staff and get the best results out of them. Its unique features help to monitor employees and also secure business organization. Biometric attendance is a must for any firm who are looking at managing workflow with ease.


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