How is Attendance Management System Beneficial?


When any company comes into existence, its HR department has a huge responsibility on its shoulders as this department is responsible for hiring the employees as well as maintaining their salary, attendance and leave records. In earlier times this was not easy when the attendance system was to be monitored manually. With the change in technology, paper has been very successfully replaced by a system that eliminates the possibility of any error, leading to better efficiency and productivity, yielding profits. HR department has no more to think of this task as burdensome or stressful as the issues like time theft or buddy punching are no more existing with the present system. Moreover, the payrolls which used to be ubiquitous due to errors in calculations do not pose any threat any longer.

Attendance Management System

It is the Biometric Technology which has proved to be the most viable solution as it is fast, affordable and secure which save money, time and energy. It also helps in identifying and recognising traits like punctuality, honesty and diligence amongst the workers and help in giving promotions to the right employees who would prove to be good leaders and will lead others by example. Attendance management system does not in any way allow buddy punching as the biometric technology make use of the physical traits which are unique to the individual. For example fingerprints, voice or face recognition which cannot be matched with someone else.

Attendance Management System is an automated process of recording one’s attendance in the form of entry and exit timings of the employee or doing overtime or coming late to the workplace or being absent from the work. This system ensures that employer’s time is not unnecessarily wasted due to the employee’s downtime. This system follows the leave and attendance policy of a particular company, making it simpler and more convenient. It is interesting to know that the attendance system is designed to integrate with any of the time and recording device by automatically importing and processing the data in a format which give the HR managers freedom to remove any complications or discrepancies arising from the punch errors.

Attendance Management Software

This system, being designed to adapt according to the HR policies of a particular company, has a lot of flexibility to showcase and employers can enjoy maximum control in acquiring the correct information and almost eliminating the chances of any cheating on the part of the employees. It also rules out the proxy attendance. The system gives a common access to the employers and employees to review the employee’s attendance or leave records. The incentives for punctuality can inspire other employees and this can happen only when the employers can view the comprehensive attendance records at regular intervals and appreciate those who have been regular and punctual.

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