Top 5 Reasons Why Biometrics Integrated Attendance Software Is Hugely Valuable


Managing the attendance using technology is quickly garnering huge popularity. The shift has been rapid but a rather smooth one. Earlier only highly protected areas and institutions were provided with biometrics face recognition systems to authorise access, but now every organization has some form of biometrics to manage entry-exit and attendance.

However, the concept of student attendance software being integrated with the biometric face recognition is seemingly more valuable and exciting. Considering the huge potential in the market, here are 5 reasons why we think biometrics integrated to the attendance software is hugely valuable.

biometric face recognition

1. Student participation management

The scope of getting students involved in the regular curriculum has to increase when technology is integrated with regular workforce management. With minimum push from the administration, the students definitely have less pressure to act as per the regulations.

A simple biometrics face recognition system to log participation in any event is definitely the least biased model for students.

2. Timely reporting without disciplinary actions

Students failing to log in the minimum number of attendance can be identified without going through the paper records. Automatic reporting of the student attendance software system based on the biometrics is an accurate way in institutions with large number of students.

Instead of the disciplinary action, the software system can be linked to parent/ guardian information medium to give them a head-start on the particular student’s attendance record on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

3. Zero biasing

The most valuable point of adding biometrics face recognition system into the attendance management is its complete impersonal model. With no human reporting involved, there is minimum biasing involved. Students can focus on performance, and the Attendance Managers can focus on being better teachers and icons.

biometric face recognition system

4. No paper records involved

Let go of the documentation part. Biometrics face recognition system is a completely digitalised platform that involves no paper recording, and assessment. Everything occurs on a real-time basis, with minute-by-minute detail.

You can track the activity of each student in the premise with accuracy, and without letting the thought of being encroached by the admin ever come in their minds.

Zero-paper attendance system has many advantages—

  • Savings on cost of paper and maintenance
  • No storage required
  • No manual personnel required to handle them
  • 100% elimination of chances of loss of data due to pests, fire, flood and earthquake
  • Zero human intervention and no forgery

5. Performance ratings based on attendance

Most schools and colleges add certain percentage to the overall academic ranking, based purely on participation in events and attendance. However, there are many loopholes in such manual recordings.

Due to its real-time participation, the biometrics connected to attendance software can also be used to accurately measure the performance ratings of each student. It reduces the downtime in manually calculating each score using attendance parameters.

These valuable pointers definitely showcase why adding biometrics face recognition system to astudent attendance software can pay rich dividends and save loads of time.

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