Time Attendance Systems

Time and attendance systems provide essential security data

The traditional driver behind the installation of a new time and attendance system is the administration sector. Administration requires a record of who has attended the workplace, and when. This data is transferred to payroll calculations either automatically or through data capture and transfer. But for security officers, time attendance[…]

Employee Attendance Management: Biometrics comes to Rescue

As per the latest reports on HR compliance and grievances, 66 percent of the conflicts between the employee and management arise due to attendance and log in crisis. The traditional paper registers and slips are likely to bow out in shame very soon. Most large-sized and mid-scale manufacturing and IT[…]

5 Ways How Employee Self-Service Portal Helps in Achieving Productivity at Work

Employees are the lifeline of an organization. Keeping a track of their performance and giving them the liberty to rate their productivity can pay rich dividends. In the modern times, many companies now rely on human resource information system to create a scope for direct involvement through smart interaction among[…]

Automated Time and Attendance System Guarantees Potential Savings

Thinking of purchasing an automated time and attendance tracking system but confused, this article will guide through in making the best decision! A lot of confusion and stress is involved when one decides to upgrade from manual time and attendance processes to an automated one. The reason behind is uncertainty,[…]

Is it Time for a Time and Attendance Software for Your Company?

Many small or large scale businesses are still not sure whether they should stay loyal to their old-fashioned employee attendance systems or should they upgrade to the more advanced time and attendance software systems. This is mainly due the basic human tendency to avoid change and to stick to what[…]

Time and Attendance Software – A Time Saving Tool for Large Organizations

Science and technology have advanced significantly in past few decades. It has simplifies life to a considerable level. One of the major breakthroughs in the field of technology is biometrics. It is a tool to identify human beings through their traits or characteristics. In the field of access control and[…]


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